Denny Hoskins

My Den Again

Booth:  36

Medium:  Wood

Facebook: mydenagain

Etsy: shop/mydenagain

Contact Information:


Artist Statement:  I try to use reclaimed products when I make my art. I use reclaimed flooring and pallet wood a lot. I also use various items that have been thrown away. There are so many items that are thrown away in our world that still have an opportunity to be beautiful art or useful furniture. I use Lichtenberg wood burning techniques to create semi-random patterns on wood. I say semi-random, because I can somewhat “control” the burn. For the most part though, it “goes where it goes”. I do have other pieces that do not use Lichtenberg techniques, but most of the pieces I will be showing will have Lichtenberg on them. The name I use for my creations are MyDenAgain. The idea is that some of the items I use to make the creations might have been in someones Den and were thrown out. I hope they will be put back in a Den somewhere.


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