Artist’s Booth Numbers and Map

1.    Viterbo University Student Art Display

2.   Daniel Stokes (La Crosse, WI) /Ceramics – NEW

3.   Cindy Stuhr (La Crosse, WI) /Painting

4.   Kelly Nelson (Cumberland, WI) /Jewelry

5.   Jamie Leigh (New Lisbon, WI) /Painting

6.   Michael Holler (Onalaska, WI) /Photography

7.   Randy Reeves (Onalaska, WI) /Ceramics

8.   • AAUW: 

Artist Services
Water and Soft Drinks Sales

9.   Robbie Brokken (Harmony, MN) /Jewelry –  NEW

10.  Sue Berg (Viroqua, WI) /Author

11.  Steve Tooke (Colorado Springs, CO) /Jewelry

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Raffle Sales for Scholarships.

13.  Connie Helgerson (Holmen, WI) /Painting

14.  Robert Riechel (Holmen, WI) /Painting

15.  Mary Denzer (Houston, MN) /Pottery

16.  Vic Rouleau (Holcombe, WI) /Metal

17.  Bob Geisel (Madison, WI) /Jewelry –  NEW

18.  Terri Crandall (Owatonna, MN) /Glass

19.  Laura Larabee (Monticello, IA) /Painting

20.  Johanna Moldenhauer (Onalaska, WI)/Pottery

21.  Nancy Jackson (Menomonie, WI) /Glass –  NEW

22.  David Sonnenburg (Ferryville, WI) /Photography –  NEW

23.  Rachelle Stracke (Sauk City, WI) /Painting

24.  Clint Peterson (Postville, IA /Metal & Leather

25.  Shelly Lanzel (Holmen, WI) /Jewelry

26.  Melissa Rohwer (Wyocena, WI) /Painting

27.  Phillip Waletzko (La Crosse, WI) /Wood

28.  Kay & Dawn Campbell (Ferryville, WI) /Ceramics

29.  Glen Kordus (Windsor, WI) / Fiber

30.  Karen Genz (La Crosse, WI) / Photography

80.   Five Star Eggroll Food Truck

81.   Ice Cold Refreshments
               at Eggroll Truck

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