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Rachel Hoscheit

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Booth Number: 8

Business Name:  Fox N Fern Designs

Media:  Jewelry

 Phone:  608-498-9638

Electronic Payment:  Yes

Zoom:  Available 

Artist Statement:
I use a process called copper electroforming to create necklaces, earrings, and rings. I like to think of electroforming as a bridge between science and art. It is the intricate process of controlling copper growth on a conductive surface using a chemical bath and electricity. I use a variety of precious gemstones, semi-precious gemstones, and fossils in my jewelry. I also hand-sculpt elements to resemble delicate fungi and mushrooms on crystals. My specialty is creating one-of-a-kind pieces using actual leaves and twigs. Electroforming allows me to immortalize nature’s ephemeral beauty to create wearable art.

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